All About the Fisherman Max

The Fisherman Max comes with a 4K camera that can record high-clarity footage with enough details for anglers to see the ocean wave and swells, and signs of fish. The camera can be tilt up and down with 1-axis gimbal to broaden the field of view, allowing anglers to identify the direction of the aircraft and where the bait goes.


The 16’’ propellers and 400 kv brushless motors provides up to 15 kg (33 lbs) thrust at a low rotating speed. The high horsepower allows the Fisherman Max to lift up to 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) baits at its full throttle and fly safely at the speed of 10 m/s while lifting 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) baits in GPS mode.


Like other drones in the line, the aircraft of Fisherman Max is totally water-sealed to be waterproof. The aircraft can operate normally after being soaked in water at the depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.


In addition to bait lifting, the Fisherman Max has enough thrust to main its stability in wind speed of up to 40 mph (18m/s).

Fisherman Max works with the same remote control of SplashDrone 3+, but now in a completely splash-proof and sand-proof shell. The game-console-style control has a built-in 5’’ LCD color display and everything you need for flying baits.

 The inbuilt 5’’ color display can stream high definition video shot on the aircraft in real-time. By watching the display, anglers can determine the best spot and timing for releasing the bait, as well as the current flight status of the aircraft. There is no need for connecting a phone to the drone for those jobs.

The shell of Fisherman Max is made from industrial-grade ABS while the arms, propellers and landing gears are all made from carbon fiber to increase robustness.

Despite the large size, the Fisherman Max can fold up its arms and easily fit into your fishing cart. Super easy to carry.

The aircraft of Fisherman Max can interact with the remote control at a range of up to 1.5 km (1 miles). The dual antennas on both ends ensures reliable transmission of drone’s signal and video data at all times. That means anglers can access any fishing spot and target a wider options of fish based on the land.

We’ve pre-tested and optimized the software of the Fisherman Max to adapt to magnetic fields in any place of the world. Every drone is factory-calibrated and doesn’t require recalibration whenever you move to a new location. Anglers can launch the drone faster than ever and won’t lose control of the drone wherever they are.

Available on the Fisherman’s APP, the Auto-Fish feature makes drone fishing even more effortless and efficient. When auto-fish is activated, Fisherman Max can automatically fly to your favorite fishing spots you’ve saved on the APP’s map and drop baits right on the spot.


A self-inflating life buoy or 2 floating foams can be attached to the drone to ensure sufficient buoyancy in case of unexpected landing on the water.

The drone can automatically

release bait and return to the take-off location when the battery reaches a low threshold or loss of signal occurs.

The remote control can alert you with voice messages to abnormal situations such as overloading, low-battery and weak GPS signals.

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